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Why Choose Toursbloom

Toursbloom is a tour package management where it comes with features that all you need. It comes with Dashboard, Booking, Packages, and Promotion. With these capabilities comes to effective management and automation where all build in one single platform. You can experience what Toursbloom can do for your toursim business, before commit to adopting it across your organization. Toursbloom ensure your best experience.


How Toursbloom Works



From the Toursbloom dashboard, the admin can view the count of bookings for the upcoming two weeks through the graph shown. The admin can also know the summary of total bookings, total promotions, and available packages for the current day through the dashboard.

Boost your day to day daily operation; Bookings, Promotions, Packages by just clicking the button as shown inside the dashboard.

Create and view Booking

The admin can view all bookings made in calendar form on the Bookings page. Admin can filter the bookings by agent's name if they want to see a specific agent's booking. Admin can also create a new event on the bookings page by clicking the chosen date.


Create and view Package

On the Packages page, the admin can view all available active packages. Admin can add a new package by clicking the create button on the top-left side of the packages page. The admin can also set which agent will be assigned for the package in the package details.

Promotions & Agents

Admin can view all available promotions on the promotions page and simply click create button to create new promotion. Only active or ongoing promotions will be shown on the promotions page. For the Agents page, active agents will be displayed and also can add new agents in just few steps.